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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based artist, Megan Hogeman, has been refining her skills in pyrography and numerous different techniques of fluid art for several years. Originally, an Art & Architecture major at Penn State, Megan has evolved her love of Art into her very own unique form of expression. 

As a child, Megan was that eager little girl in the mini smock in front of her easel, covered in paint. Never having taken her eyes off her vision, she was sewing at age 12, producing her first line of clothing in her junior year of high school and straight into exploring illustrating, pyrography art, epoxy resin and combining all of the above.


Her use of vibrant colors and sharp eye for detail sets her creations apart from the rest. She is as passionate about Art as she is about being a Mother to her 7 year old son, Oliver. Everything Megan produces is one-of-a-kind, just like the story she tells through each original piece.

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